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Our philosophy of discipline is designed to help each child develop self-control and responsibility for his/her own acts. The staff interacts with the children in a consistent, respectful and positive manner, guiding them in achieving those inner controls by offering them choices of activities and interactions throughout the day.

Methods Used in Helping Children to Gain Self Control:

  1. Redirect a child who is misbehaving to other activities that may be of interest to her/him.
  2. State desired behavior in a positive language and state reason – “Let’s not lean back in the chair, you may fall backward and hurt yourself”.
  3. Time out is the last resort of trying to achieve acceptable behavior. We use what we have identified as the 1, 2, 3 method:

1st – ask the child to stop the unacceptable behavior and explain why he/she should stop.

2nd If the child does not stop, let the child know the consequences if the action doesn’t stop (time out or leaving the group).

 3rd Follow through on stated consequences, it is imperative, you must follow through on your action.

Time-out will be used to help children gain control and shall not be longer than one minute for each year of a child’s age (i.e. a three year old shall remain in “time-out” a maximum of 3 minutes). In conjunction with this method of discipline, it’s imperative that an effort is made for the child to understand why he/she had to take a break from regular activities by way of a brief discussion before and after the disciplinary process.

However, if a child appears not to be responsive to our disciplinary procedures, and subsequent to parent meetings, the Director has the discretion to suspend the child (During a child’s suspension parents remain responsible for tuition or any expense the child has incurred) or dismiss the child from the center. This last measure will be done only to protect the safety and well being of the other children.



As in all of our programs, we focus on the individual needs of the child. When a child enrolls in our program, we assess where the child is cognitively, socially/emotionally, physically and independently. With our well trained staff, we want to make sure each child is well equipped to handle the ever changing academic environment they will be entering in kindergarten.  As educators, we know if a child misses that window of opportunity of a good educational head start it could negatively affect him/her during their entire academic career.

We also believe that the core of a child’s education is being able to read and comprehend what he/she is reading. We have set up a tested and proven program that strengthens a child reading skills as they progress through the years in our program.   Upon completion of our program, many of our students are reading above grade level.


Pre-school Programs (Two Years Old and Three Years Old)

Our pre-school program is designed to develop each child’s social skills. This is a time for this group to interact with their peers and develop communication skills.  They will enhance their vocabulary skills through communication with their peers and teachers.

Our individualized program for students allows the teacher to review words, numbers, and other concepts with one child at a time. We then are able to understand specific skill areas we need to address with that child and  it also enables us to establish a program that maybe unique to only your child. 

Our Program incorporates:

Communication Skills:  Speaking in complete sentences.

Social Skills: Interacting with their peers through words, play and manners.

Self-Help Skills:   Independence – taking care of toileting needs, putting on their jackets etc…..

Emotional Skills: Teaching children how to express their emotions in an appropriate manner.


Pre-Kindergarten Program (Four Years Old)

These are the critical years. Your child is now preparing to enter kindergarten.   We want your child to be equipped with certain skills once they have entered the kindergarten class.

Communication and Language Skills: Children will be using sentences to express needs or wants. They will build on their literacy skills through our reading comprehension program.  Confidence building will take place during story time when they will have the opportunity to retell stories in sequence, while having fun with rhyming words.

Social Skills: As they grow older, children tend to seek approval and acceptance. Our trained staff helps to guide them gently toward societal acceptable behavior by displaying classroom rules and having frequent classroom discussions.

Physical Skills:   In addressing the physical development of your child, we encourage physical activity through our “Move It” Program. Children engage in inside and outside activities that help in the development of their large muscles.  They climb, jump, run and engage in structured and free play activities to strengthen the large muscles.

A child should be able to hold a pencil properly by grasping it with three fingers. This is essential as children complete many of their academic assignments.  When a child is required to perform these assignments he must utilized his small muscles. Small muscles are strengthened through the use of finger play during circle time, the manipulation of clay and other activities.

Cognitive Skills:   In preparing children for kindergarten there are a number of skills we will focus on:

Reading, numbers, math, colors, shapes, counting, science, arts & craft.


School Age Program

Little Busy Bee Early Learning Center provides a safe and secure environment for your child’s before and after school hours.   We will be there for you for early school dismissals, school breaks and most of the school closing.

Our School Age Program includes a number of activities that will interest your child. Some of the activities include but are not limited to cooking experience, arts & craft, physical development games, dramatic play and much more.

Your child’s day will include the following:

Before School: If the child chooses he may eat a light breakfast to get his day started. The child also has a choice of many of the free-play activities; they can read a book in our quiet corner and comfy chair; they can play with the manipulative toys; play in the dramatic play area or if they didn’t have time to complete the previous day’s homework assignment, they can complete it in our designated homework area.

After School: It’s time to wind down a little. The children are reenergized with an afternoon snack as they engage in conversations with their friends.   Children, who are to complete homework at the Center, must start their homework assignments in an assigned homework area.  Other students who do not do home work at the Center may engage in the many other options we have for them, such as, games, writing a story, developing a play or a dance routine, etc.


Summer Camp

“Blast Off At Little Busy Bee”

Pre-School Activity and School Age Excitement

Summer Enrichment Program

An integral part of a child’s growth and development is exposure to things outside of the child’s normal environment. Field trips allow children to gain firsthand knowledge about science, geography, history, various cultures and a number of other things outside of the classroom.   At Little Busy Bee, we want our students to be well rounded individuals.  Field trips are a fantastic way for students to acquire additional information about things they have been learning in the classroom.   This experience broadens their view of the world.

As students continue to enjoy all of the activities they are exposed to at Little Busy Bee, we continue our academic enrichment program.   We have carefully orchestrated our program to address the personal needs of each child.  Our summer program covers reading and math and other fun educational activities.  Students will read and write summaries as well as complete worksheets.  The learning process never ceases.  Summer is an excellent time to close learning gaps and introduce new concepts that will prepare students for the next grade level.

In the afternoon after all the educational work has been completed, students will be excited to participate in activities such as team relay races, obstacle courses, arts and craft, elaborate puzzles, and word searches. The fun goes on and on.


Please check periodically for discounts and special offerings for all our programs.





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