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Since 1968, Little Busy Bee has taken great pride in providing the highest quality of care and a superior educational program to our loyal families. Our parents have come to appreciate and expect nothing but the best from us.

Our program is enhanced by our degreed teachers and support staff. They view every stage and moment in a child’s life as an educational opportunity. This is consistent with our motto “A child is never too young to learn”.

Our dedicated and talented teachers understand that all children do not learn in the same way and many do not learn at the same pace. Therefore, our educators have developed our program with that principle in mind.

Our role is to extend, reinforce and complement a child’s home and family. We maintain a rapport with our parents and welcome their visits, comments and questions.

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Why Choose Little Busy Bee Early Learning Center?


Little Busy Bee is dedicated to the full growth and development of children. We provide a child with the opportunity to excel socially and academically. We want all children to develop into the person that they can be proud of.  Children need the opportunity to just have a fair chance. We want every child to have that chance, regardless of his/her social, environmental or economical background.  We can provide that opportunity affordably.


Safety, Nurturing and a Superior Educational Program
To ensure the safety of our children we have in place procedures pertaining to pick-up and drop-off, visitors, etc. These procedures are periodically evaluated for effectiveness.

Teachers and Staff
Yearly staff training is required. In order to stay abreast of the latest teaching techniques, staff training exceeds state requirements.

Committed to Cleanliness
Every step is made to make sure your child’s environment is as clean as possible.

Staff has been instructed in the proper way of cleaning and disinfecting toys, furniture, door knobs, etc. Children are instructed and supervised on the proper way to wash hands and how to hold their arm when sneezing. The point is, every precaution is taken to provide your child with a safe and healthy environment.

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