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Four Years Old

These are the critical years. Your child is now preparing to enter kindergarten.   We want your child to be equipped with certain skills once they have entered the kindergarten class.

Communication and Language Skills: Children will be using sentences to express needs or wants. They will build on their literacy skills through our reading comprehension program. Confidence building will take place during storytime when they will have the opportunity to retell stories in sequence while having fun with rhyming words.

Social Skills: As they grow older, children tend to seek approval and acceptance. Our trained staff helps to guide them gently toward socially acceptable behavior by displaying classroom rules and having frequent classroom discussions.

Physical Skills: In addressing the physical development of your child, we encourage physical activity through our “Move It” Program. Children engage in inside and outside activities that help in the development of their large muscles. They climb, jump, run, and engage in structured and free play activities to strengthen the large muscles.

A child should be able to hold a pencil properly by grasping it with three fingers. This is essential as children complete many of their academic assignments. When a child is required to perform these assignments he must utilize his small muscles. Small muscles are strengthened through the use of finger play during circle time, the manipulation of clay, and other activities.

Cognitive Skills: In preparing children for kindergarten there are a number of skills we will focus on including reading, numbers, math, colors, shapes, counting, science, arts & craft.

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Alphabet Cubes
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