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Two Years Old and Three Years Old

Our pre-school program is designed to develop each child’s social skills. This is a time for this group to interact with their peers and develop communication skills.  They will enhance their vocabulary skills through communication with their peers and teachers.

Our individualized program for students allows the teacher to review words, numbers, and other concepts with one child at a time. We then are able to understand specific skill areas we need to address with that child and it also enables us to establish a program that may be unique to only your child. 

This program incorporates:

  • Communication Skills:  Speaking in complete sentences.

  • Social Skills: Interacting with their peers through words, play and manners.

  • Self-Help Skills:   Independence – taking care of toileting needs, putting on their jackets etc…..

  • Emotional Skills: Teaching children how to express their emotions in an appropriate manner.

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