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Before and After School Program

Little Busy Bee Early Learning Center provides a safe and secure environment for your child’s before and after school hours.   We will be there for you for early school dismissals, school breaks, and most school closings.

Our School Age Program includes a number of activities that will interest your child. Some of the activities include but are not limited to cooking experience, arts & crafts, physical development games, dramatic play, and much more.

Your child’s day will include the following:

  • Before School: If the child chooses he may eat a light breakfast to get his day started. The child also has a choice of many of the free-play activities; they can read a book in our quiet corner and a comfy chair; they can play with the manipulative toys; play in the dramatic play area or if they didn’t have time to complete the previous day’s homework assignment, they can complete it in our designated homework area.

  • After School: It’s time to wind down a little. The children are re-energized with an afternoon snack as they engage in conversations with their friends.   Children, who are to complete homework at the Center, must start their homework assignments in an assigned homework area.  Other students who do not do homework at the Center may engage in the many other options we have for them, such as, games, writing a story, developing a play or a dance routine, etc.

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