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"Blast Off at Little Busy Bee!!"

Summer Enrichment Program

An integral part of a child’s growth and development is exposure to things outside of the child’s normal environment. Field trips allow children to gain firsthand knowledge about science, geography, history, various cultures, and a number of other things outside of the classroom.   At Little Busy Bee, we want our students to be well-rounded individuals.  Field trips are a fantastic way for students to acquire additional information about things they have been learning in the classroom.   This experience broadens their view of the world.

As students continue to enjoy all of the activities they are exposed to at Little Busy Bee, we continue our academic enrichment program.   We have carefully orchestrated our program to address the personal needs of each child.  Our summer program covers reading and math and other fun educational activities.  Students will read and write summaries as well as complete worksheets.  The learning process never ceases.  Summer is an excellent time to close learning gaps and introduce new concepts that will prepare students for the next grade level.

In the afternoon, after all the educational work has been completed, students will be excited to participate in activities such as team relay races, obstacle courses, arts and crafts, elaborate puzzles, and word searches. The fun goes on and on.



Little Busy Bee ELC Pic



+ Six Flags

+ Watkins Park

+ Baltimore Aquarium

+ UniverSOUL Circus

+ National Zoo

+ Sky Zone

+ National Air & Space Museum

+ Chuck E. Cheese

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